Pet Policy Information

Note: Each property owner is allowed to set their own pet policy. Everyone at Southern Homes loves pets, some property owner will allow and some won't. Please be sure to check and see if the property you are applying for will allow a pet(s), please see the property listing to determine if it will. You can also ask the team at Southern Homes for any specific requests or special circumstances. (423) 744-3515

Over the years, there have been multiple properties severely damaged due to irresponsible pet owners.

It is heart breaking but more and more home owners are refusing to allow renters to bring pets into their homes.

If the property you are applying for will accept a pet:

  1. All pets must be properly licensed, have shots required by statute, and be spayed or neutered. Please be prepared to show documentation.
  2. Breeds with a disposition for aggressive behavior are prohibited.
  3. Most properties have restrictions on the number of pets and/or the size of the pet. Please check with the property listing for specific details.
  4. Be prepared to provide a picture of your pet and vaccination records..
  5. A security "pet" deposit will be charged for each pet. The amount of the deposit will vary depending on owner policy and size of the pet.
  6. Have a ferret, bird, snake or something different, you would have the same process and you can screen them right here!



A pet deposit of $250.00 refundable per inside pet under 40 lbs is required
A pet deposit of $350.00 refundable per inside pet over 40 lbs is required
Any dog over 75 lbs must get special permission!
There is an additional $100 non-refundable deposit on all inside pets. *Most owners will not allow dogs over 25 lbs inside – (Some do, But please ask us, if you have a larger dog)


A pet deposit of $150.00 per outside pet between 30 and 70 lbs is required
A pet deposit of $200.00 per outside pet between 70 and 120 lbs is required
Small pets less than 25 lbs do not normally live outside!
They require the same as inside deposit because they usually end up inside.

Just because the property listed shows “Possible Pet with Pet Deposit”, doesn’t mean that owner will accept anything.
We have to get permission for each pet for that home from each home owner.

Please ask prior to showing / viewing the house if your pet is allowed. We don’t want to waste your time or ours.

For example; some owners will take an inside cat but not an inside dog, or one outside but not inside or even one under 25 lbs but no larger.

Each situation is different so it is better to ask up front.

All pets must have a pet application done through our pet screening process that is completed prior to the rental application being finalized.
You must provide an accurate photograph of the pet you are asking permission to reside in or at the home with you.
Once you are given permission for that specific pet, it does not give permission to bring new pets on to the property.
Owners take this very seriously and require us to evict tenants who violate pet policies.

** Refundable Deposits– When you leave the home and there isn’t any damage, pest control issues, yard damage or strong pet odors, you will be refunded your pet deposit. Any clean up, pest control or damages will be taken out of the deposit and any difference will be refunded. However, if there is any additional damage beyond your deposit, it will come out of your security deposit. The home needs to be restored back to its original state as you received it.

** Non-Refundable Deposits – This is a onetime non-refundable deposit to cover additional normal wear & tear to the home. This also covers a onetime Pest Control done in home (not to cover an infestation).

*All Dog Owners* are asked to obtain & keep a Rental Insurance policy with Liability

If your dog is outside, it cannot run lose! A dog cannot be tied to a tree.
Your dog must be secured within a fenced in yard or within a chain link kennel.
Don’t forget to re-seed bare spots in grass from the dog house or running path!
*Remember, even outside dogs have to get approval.


Property Owners do not want their home used to potty train or teeth!

Pet Screening

Pet Screening is a simple and secure tool allowing you to store all the important information about your pet in one place.

Approved Southern Homes applicants are required to complete a pet screening for each of their pets or companion animals prior to move-in.

Pet screenings are $20 for the first pet and $15 for additional pets, service/companion animal registration is free.

The benefits of registering your pet with a pet screening service are huge.

An online pet screening allows you to consolidate the paperwork required to manage your pet's complicated life all in one place.

Profile information includes: photos, vaccinations, microchip, training, behavioral traits as well as a special section for service/companion animals.

You’ll love easily sharing this information with all of the service providers in your pets lives. pet sitters, dogie daycares, groomers, veterinarians, and animal hospitals.

Your pet screening will automatically be shared with Southern Homes PM, just use the button below to start your pet screening today!

Have a ferret, bird, or something different, you can screen them right here!

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